SCOAN (Synagouge Church Of All Nation)

In the series of tips I will present here, it will highlight ways and manner you can adopt in venturing in a private trip to SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria. These tips are aimed at answering some of the questions we have discovered that needs answers to. It will also guide you in preparing well in advance, knowing what to do and getting it done.

(Part 1)

“If you would like to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, please complete the questionnaire and submit it. Please fill out the questionnaire in detail. This will enable us to deal with your request efficiently. All further correspondence with the church regarding your visit will be done through email. Please note, you must wait for confirmation of your visit from us before making any travel arrangements.”

The above statement was  lifted from the website of SCOAN . It is  meant for those interested in visiting the church. Some people have found it very difficult to understand why, in-spit of filling the form as required, they have not gotten any feedback for up-to one year or so. Others are of the opinion that it might take a while to get a response as they consider their case “very urgent”. All the mentioned worries are indeed, legitimate concerns.  Not giving up on visiting SCOAN have also prompted others to source other legal methods, to visit the SCOAN with the hope of getting help for their spiritual need.

I remember a friend of mine who aspired to play football in the big leagues in Europe and america, decided to embark on a self sponsored trip in search of clubs directly. As usual, he had relied on football agents and clubs to officially send an invite to him for trials. After exhaustively waiting in vain for a call up, he embarked on a self sponsored  journey abroad in search of the club’s. To be honest with you, he eventually succeeded in his quest of getting the signing with a club in his destination country. As I write this piece, he is happy that he took that bold step.

Visiting SCOAN on self sponsored trip just like the account of the footballer, is one of such method you can adopt in the event of waiting for too long for a confirmation from SCOAN and not getting the anticipated quick response you have hoped for in vain, so to speak.  One of the recommended steps to take will be highlighted below with the aim of guiding you in the journey of a lifetime.


A very important ingredient when planning a trip of international nature as this, must be considered. If you are a national of a country that does not require visa to enter Nigeria, you are very lucky because, you will not be bothered with the requirement and rudiments of visa application. Click here to find out if you require visa to Nigeria. You can also take advantage of VISA ON ARRIVAL scheme available in Nigeria. This type of visa can be obtained by applying through the ministry of interior, Abuja.

The purpose of this visa is to make travel to Nigeria possible in an urgent situation were the traveler have no much time available to process their visa in their home country. To avoid the delay, an application is lodged at the ministry of interior by your partner or contact (sponsor) for approval to be issued for a visa on arrival.

Unfortunately as have being observed, some airliners that fly into Nigeria have not really appreciated the essence of the visa on arrival scheme for Nigeria. they seem to be very reluctant is taking steps to see to it that their passengers wishing to use this visa type, are encouraged to do so by verifying from the immigration section at the Nigerian international airport were the passenger will disembark. All they need do is, ascertain what and how it works.


This document is meant to confer immigration responsibility on the person (sponsor) inviting you in the event of emergency. it is required to be sent by your partner, person or organisation you plan to meet while in Nigeria. In this case, SCOAN is the organisation you have planned to visit and ought to send such letter. But because the trip is being organised by you, your contact (sponsor), will be responsible for such letter as required by the Nigerian mission for visa issuance.

Invitation letter can be obtained through the hotel you plan to stay while in Nigeria or can be sent through an agent (tour operator) who by there nature, are established to carry out these type of service or can be sent by your Nigerian contact, he/she.

In the case of this invite letter, we can handle such as a package that will include accommodation, car hire and insurance. More details about these will be discussed in our next series in part 2.