SCOAN (Synagouge Church Of All Nation)

In the series of tips I will present here, it will highlight ways and manner you can adopt in venturing in a private trip to SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria. These tips are aimed at answering some of the questions we have discovered that needs answers to. It will also guide you in preparing well in advance, knowing what to do and getting it done.

(Part 1)

“If you would like to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, please complete the questionnaire and submit it. Please fill out the questionnaire in detail. This will enable us to deal with your request efficiently. All further correspondence with the church regarding your visit will be done through email. Please note, you must wait for confirmation of your visit from us before making any travel arrangements.”

The above statement was  lifted from the website of SCOAN . It is  meant for those interested in visiting the church. Some people have found it very difficult to understand why, in-spit of filling the form as required, they have not gotten any feedback for up-to one year or so. Others are of the opinion that it might take a while to get a response as they consider their case “very urgent”. All the mentioned worries are indeed, legitimate concerns.  Not giving up on visiting SCOAN have also prompted others to source other legal methods, to visit the SCOAN with the hope of getting help for their spiritual need.

I remember a friend of mine who aspired to play football in the big leagues in Europe and america, decided to embark on a self sponsored trip in search of clubs directly. As usual, he had relied on football agents and clubs to officially send an invite to him for trials. After exhaustively waiting in vain for a call up, he embarked on a self sponsored  journey abroad in search of the club’s. To be honest with you, he eventually succeeded in his quest of getting the signing with a club in his destination country. As I write this piece, he is happy that he took that bold step.

Visiting SCOAN on self sponsored trip just like the account of the footballer, is one of such method you can adopt in the event of waiting for too long for a confirmation from SCOAN and not getting the anticipated quick response you have hoped for in vain, so to speak.  One of the recommended steps to take will be highlighted below with the aim of guiding you in the journey of a lifetime.


A very important ingredient when planning a trip of international nature as this, must be considered. If you are a national of a country that does not require visa to enter Nigeria, you are very lucky because, you will not be bothered with the requirement and rudiments of visa application. Click here to find out if you require visa to Nigeria. You can also take advantage of VISA ON ARRIVAL scheme available in Nigeria. This type of visa can be obtained by applying through the ministry of interior, Abuja.

The purpose of this visa is to make travel to Nigeria possible in an urgent situation were the traveler have no much time available to process their visa in their home country. To avoid the delay, an application is lodged at the ministry of interior by your partner or contact (sponsor) for approval to be issued for a visa on arrival.

Unfortunately as have being observed, some airliners that fly into Nigeria have not really appreciated the essence of the visa on arrival scheme for Nigeria. they seem to be very reluctant is taking steps to see to it that their passengers wishing to use this visa type, are encouraged to do so by verifying from the immigration section at the Nigerian international airport were the passenger will disembark. All they need do is, ascertain what and how it works.


This document is meant to confer immigration responsibility on the person (sponsor) inviting you in the event of emergency. it is required to be sent by your partner, person or organisation you plan to meet while in Nigeria. In this case, SCOAN is the organisation you have planned to visit and ought to send such letter. But because the trip is being organised by you, your contact (sponsor), will be responsible for such letter as required by the Nigerian mission for visa issuance.

Invitation letter can be obtained through the hotel you plan to stay while in Nigeria or can be sent through an agent (tour operator) who by there nature, are established to carry out these type of service or can be sent by your Nigerian contact, he/she.

In the case of this invite letter, we can handle such as a package that will include accommodation, car hire and insurance. More details about these will be discussed in our next series in part 2.

In our part 1 series, on the same topic, I mentioned two critical component required in planning a self programmed trip to SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria. Mentioned are 1. Visa and 2. Invitation letter.

Yes, they are very important items indeed and can make or mare your proposed trip.

Every year, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations hosts thousands of national and international visitors. People travel from around the world to witness and receive from the mighty work that God is doing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. SCOAN welcome visitors from across the globe to witness first-hand proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Still on Invitation letter.

As we have learnt from our previous discussion in part 1 series that, your host should as a necessity, be the sender of the invite letter. The purpose of your trip will therefore be touristic in nature. I say touristic and not Religious in the seance that, Nigeria consulate does not have a visa type called “Religious visa”. Hence, the need to request for tourist visa in the application form.


(We have designed a package called “Tourist Voucher“. It is meant to serve the purpose of the invite letter.  Prepared in an affordable way of visiting Nigeria through our tourist package designed just for you. This is meant to assist in getting that tourist visa to enable you visit Nigeria as a tourist.

You can visit Nigeria as a foreign person under the category of a tourist. A tourist visa is required to be obtained from the Nigeria consulate nearest to you. If there is no Nigerian Embassy in your country, you can now request for “visa on arrival” . 

We can send the necessary tourist invitation  called ” Tourist Voucher” to assist you in processing the tourist visa application at the Nigerian embassy.


1. Passport valid for at least 6 months

2. Completed visa application form

3. Two recent passport size photographs

4. A Letter of Invitation from a company/host in Nigeria accepting immigration responsibility

5. Visitors/Tourists are required to show evidence of sufficient funds

6. Nigeria Immigration Service Visa Payment Receipt and Visa Acknowledgement Receipt

7. Data page of Host passport,

8. Confirmed hotel reservation, if the applicant is not staying with Host

Items 4 -7 on the list above, includes some of the documents we are sending to you while no 8 on the list can be taken care of by you or by us.

We ensure that your visa processing through us is highly successful.
 (You can discourse with our specialist, to advice you properly by contacting us with your special request.)

We will be looking at another necessary ingredient that is crucial but, may not necessarily  affect your trip.

Accommodation –

A crucial ingredient also must be sorted out. This should be a neat hotel and closest to SCOAN for proximity and ease of access from accommodation. Most people would have loved to have their accommodation inside the SCOAN hostel but because of the exigent nature of their situation, have chosen to arrange it themselves.

Getting your accommodation close to SCOAN, creates the ability of visiting the Faith Resort Ground, attend the various services at the church, watch faith-building videos, listen to life changing testimonies, receive lectures from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and much more. All, as the Holy Spirit directs.

Your accommodation duration can range from 7 to 14days as the case may be or much more and must not be very expensive. Accommodation that are recommended, are such hotels with hot bath water and comfortable double beds for single, couple or family occupancy.  It is worthy of note that, these hotels are within 5 kilometer radius from SCOAN and with easy reach also, with a vehicle.

Airport transfer –

On arrival in Lagos, transportation is required to convey you to your accommodation. There are however, several taxi companies within the airport ready to do the job. Pre-booking it well in advance, is most encouraged in this regard. The reason being that, as many passengers on same fight, might be in need of same taxi service which definitely, are not much in terms of number, to cater for the large number of passengers in most cases so, to avoid being in a difficult situation, an advance booking is most ideal to guarantee a taxi service on arrival.

Mind you that these same taxi, can be very handy, when arranging for site visit on the D day. i.e church service.

There are two ways of fetching you on arrival. The first method is usually very ideal but require a bit higher cost. “Meet and Greet “. This method occur when you are met by a representative at the aircraft tube. The representative will  hold your name sign on a placard conspicuously, as you disembark from the aircraft. The officer will escort you  through immigration and customs formalities into your waiting vehicle. Then, straight off to your accommodation.

The other method “Standard ” which requires the driver/guide, to wait for you outside the airport building, with you name sign on a placard.  This is usually after immigration and custom formalities. You will sort out your luggage and walk straight to the exit gate and locate your name among the displayed placards directly opposite the exit gate. Do not mind the crowd outside, as they are all waiting for their people just like you.  Remember, in all the various method, just double check by querying the person, to be sure that you are met by the right person before leaving the airport arena.

There are some cities in Nigeria which are really safe to visit  due to high security measures provided by the state governments. We chose these cities based on these factors; no religious crisis, no violent crime or kidnapping, low level of aggravated assaults and robberies. The residents are practically comfortable, great infrastructures and well-developed buildings and roads, low crime rates and economic stability.

Here are the 10 safest cities to visit in Nigeria; 

1. Lagos

Even though, Lagos looks over-crowded, it is still the safest city in Nigeria. The state government spends huge sum on its security, providing well equipped response patrol cars and different security units around the city. Thousands of tourists and visitors visit the city every year and they appear to be at ease anytime they are around. It has low crime rate, no religious crisis, wonderful parks, environmental supporters and friendly people.

2. Calabar

Obudu, Calabar

Calabar is often referred to as the people’s paradise with lots of attractive places to visit. Calabar has low danger or crime rating and recently, it has experienced substantial increase in population, with economic prosperity, tourism growth and the city’s exclusive design that strengthens its safety and development. Excellent security measures with numerous police stations in every area of the city. There are many of expatriates living in the city because the government provided a peaceful and conducive environment for everyone.

3. Abuja

Abuja Residential Area

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria is known for its well designed architectural buildings and neat environment. It houses the president and every law maker in the country, which has provided the city with well structured security measures and mobile police men who are seen all over the city.  This is one place in Nigeria where tourists are at home because they have nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety. The presence of CCTV cameras that are mounted on the streets make it difficult for crime to happen without getting it solved.

4. Ibadan

City Centre, Ibadan

Ibadan is a city that prides itself as the centre of the Pan Yoruba race and is very peaceful with well-organised structured security units around the city. Tourists who visit Ibadan can easily travel to Lagos within a 45 minutes drive because it is close to Lagos, the commercial centre in Nigeria.  Apart from the state’s security unit, it has effective local vigilant grounds that ensure that the inhabitants have no reason to fear for their safety and properties.

5. Uyo

Akwa Ibom

Uyo, located in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, is laid-back city with rapid developmental growth that seems to put visitors at ease. There is large concentration of expatriates in this city and the safety of the inhabitants is taken care of by the huge amount of budget that is set in tackling crime, equipping the police and soldiers in ensuring that everywhere is safe to visit.  The city is blessed with scenic attractions, beautiful hotels and unique cuisine. Akwa Ibom people are warm and friendly.

6. Owerri


Safety has become the priority of Imo State’s government as they have directed the development of the city towards economic expansion and crime reduction. The city has a vibrant economy and it’s becoming a tourist haven due to its urban planning, safety and standard of living. The government incorporates loads of security measure to help foster safety within the city.

7. Benin

Benin City

Benin, Edo State is the city of peace and hope, known for its friendly environment and considered a tourist haven with several tourist attraction centres. It is considered to be one of the safest cities in Nigeria and have a well-coordinated security patrol units. There is a low crime rate, the people are good-natured and tolerable and this has helped to lessen conflicts among the different tribes in the city. Tourists have a no fear of security lapses or kidnapping incidence because of the extensive security gadgets and personnel in the city.

8. Akure

The Cathedral Akure

Akure is the capital of Ondo State and the city is known for its peaceful co-existence between the traditional, Islam and Christianity believers. It is one city that you can visit and feel at home because the people are friendly and willing to support you. The annual financial budget on security is huge which has been able to take care of the issues of security lapses in the city.

9. Enugu


Enugu is the capital city of Enugu, the coal city that has a lot of tourist havens like waterfalls, caves, hills, luxury hotels and gardens that have made the city one of the most visited in the country by tourists. Enugu is a dynamic city with low crime or murder rate due to the presence of Police crime-fighters, clean environment, a population of friendly people and economic opportunities.

10. Osogbo

Osogbo road

There is a significant number of Muslims in the city but the residents are living with one another without ethnic or religious conflicts. Besides, the government is focused on developing and reviving its various communities with a range of educational initiatives and programs to help enhance youths’ potentials. The city is safe for everyone and its steady economy helps to keep crime level very low.